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 Hourly Blitz 50m  0
 Hourly Bullitz 45m  22
 Dennis  0+1 KotH Rated 40m  2/4
 Bray  5+0 KotH 30m  2/4
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  1. Hello, one puzzle. morid Just realised white can delay the draw by moving the bishop too but it […]
  2. Hello, one puzzle. morid Ra1 then Rc1 then Qa6 then Qa1 and it's stalemate Not sure how bla […]
  3. Internet chess and the downfal […] JoelH hehe, N early every summer i left some hours of my lifetime on the […]
  4. Hello, one puzzle. proof_07 i think it could be Qf6 after Rc1! Pretty< but it looks like the road […]
  5. Hello, one puzzle. proof_07 rook c1 can stop you!
  6. Hello, one puzzle. Mikhail04 Rh5, Ra1, Qa6 endless check ?
  7. Internet chess and the downfal […] rise_UIED Uslar, in the Solling region! :) You probably never heard of eithe […]
  8. Hello, one puzzle. motion u have to find it urslelf.
  9. Internet chess and the downfal […] JoelH And i thought i live in the middle of nowhere!! But i have at leas […]
  10. Hello, one puzzle. Solal35 Is it a checkmat ?
  11. Hello, one puzzle. motion Hello I have created this puzzle, I hope you enjoy it, black to play. […]
  12. Internet chess and the downfal […] rise_UIED Well apparently, I need to go outside more, lol! But I find it depr […]
  13. Internet chess and the downfal […] JoelH @ride-UIED Thats not right. I think there are nearly four time more C […]
  14. Internet chess and the downfal […] rise_UIED I never an idea how much the game of Chess is engrained in American cu […]
  15. Lichess Extras Baluk Hi Updated Smooth lichess style with smoother pieces. (Stylish) […]
  16. Internet chess and the downfal […] Isaiah4031 @Variable... AWESOME --- the people on this site rock!
  17. Internet chess and the downfal […] Variable for people residing in USA: […]
  18. suggesting videos to be includ […] Variable i highly recommend lectures from 'Chess Club and Scholastic Center of […]
  19. Glicko-2 bbyd Try Arena or another UCI compatible program!
  20. Glicko-2 Toadofsky Yes, however due to xboard bugs I can't easily test it! Argh.
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