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karimov 1907
fuuu 1799
USCF2000Plus 1787
niborg 1703
asilver 1659
ElCampechano 1645



misaaa 2025
Blake 1973
lazyhaze 1881
Mithrandir1001 1865
BloodyBob 1822
raiken2 1752
BenLZ 1748
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 Hourly Blitz 50m  33
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  1. Playing against myself F_D89 This has potential.
  2. Playing against myself Huevon Happened to me as well just now.
  3. Buffer on game scrollback NoTimewasters Is it a bug that can be fixed maybe?
  4. The music of chess (or, at lea […] NoTimewasters Thank you Hasimir... pm me your address and I'll send you one of my albums :)
  5. About Thibault's and Clarkey's […] NoTimewasters ...but in the renaissance, all real men wore beards. Those who did not […]
  6. Saragossa opening good? piskopos Of course but this a funny game.
  7. About Thibault's and Clarkey's […] AdmiralA F_D89 is correct. Sporting a full beard makes it easier to hide a quee […]
  8. Saragossa opening good? AdmiralA The Bongcloud is absolutely formidable.
  9. Palestine Flag insidejob911 There:
  10. Palestine Flag insidejob911 There is no Palestine flag. Add it.
  11. My best game on Lichess! F_D89 Good game. His Rxc1 was quite weird though, but he probably thought he […]
  12. Saragossa opening good? piskopos You can play Bongcloud game?
  13. The music of chess (or, at lea […] F_D89 Aronian always listens to classical music right before a game to becom […]
  14. About Thibault's and Clarkey's […] F_D89 I heard sporting a full beard adds 200 points to your ELO.
  15. A typical bongcloudattack- draw F_D89 Will the greatness that is the Bongcloud fundamentally change our appr […]
  16. Saragossa opening good? F_D89 How dare you insult the Bongcloud like that. It's a solid and tight opening.
  17. Feature Request: Best Pool players. Yepith This feature would allow people to see the top players in each of the […]
  18. The music of chess (or, at lea […] Hasimir NoTimewasters, you are a man of excellent taste there. ;) Dreamwal […]
  19. About Thibault's and Clarkey's […] rzenaikrzys Souvik,I like You:-) but...Thibault is a Renassaince man,not jungle […]
  20. Saragossa opening good? piskopos Bongcloud very irregular and risky.
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