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  1. Training Puzzles Solal35 It's not possible, because the training puzzle come from game analysed […]
  2. Simulhost always white thibault added to the issue tracker
  3. Named Arena namtaan How about daily tournament where the prize for winning is to have the […]
  4. Simulhost always white TrueDanger I would really like to see the hosts of a simul gets black too. It cou […]
  5. Training Puzzles grue Is there anyway to propose a puzzle for training? I have a few I'd lik […]
  6. Starting game from position wh […] kreedz It leads to a mistake when i created game with that position. At firs […]
  7. 0-0-0 Usolando congrats gg you didnt forgive your opponents mistakes :D
  8. Candy candy , oh shiit rodeo_drive forgot the link LOL
  9. I dont understand the analysis […] weakwithwords I suppose it is worth sacrificing the knight to get rid of a passed pa […]
  10. I dont understand the analysis […] Astrophysics I've just finished one party against StockFish and when I've asked the […]
  11. 0-0-0 BluesOn Perfect game for me,first time,i'm so exited! […]
  12. Lanscape mode for iPad MoreCake At this time the ios app works only in portrait mode when used on an i […]
  13. My first 0-0-0 samynet Took me some time to find this one, but I wanted to share it as it hap […]
  14. Reality Is Really Mean Toadofsky There seems to be an inverse correlation between move times and move accuracy!
  15. Reality Is Really Mean Dionysus_god Reality is cold and harsh, and grinds forward with no care for the ind […]
  16. Bug, King promotion not possib […] Hellball Great catch, can you link to the game as well?
  17. Bug, King promotion not possib […] rookenstein I noticed that I can not promote pawn to a King when I was analysing m […]
  18. What is the lowest rating for […] ProgramFOX #3 Heh, I believe that should be caused by a rating going negative […]
  19. What is the lowest rating for […] BluesOn i guess i find the weirdest:
  20. What is the lowest rating for […] JPTriton If you do an advanced search and cap the average rating at 800 you'll […]
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